The true story of nana website - we're not a make money online website, or games news and not even porn - pure fun that's what we're all about!



The true story of the nana:


Nana website was design for you, the internet users.

There are so many websites on the net, some teaches you to make money online, some are for games, some gives you the best video, and some are for news, fun,  porn and more.

There's an endless world of websites, in all languages and in various designs.

Nana website is simple- it designed for one thing only- relax.

I personally am a big fan of Beethoven and FUR ELIZE is one of my favorite ones.

Like me there are many fans out there and here I can give them all one thing- relaxation.

So all you have left to do is to open your speakers and sit back in your chair.

Enjoy the music



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This website was created in 2007 and visitors from all around the world sang along with a smile (hopefully) :)