Beethoven's Fur Elise Lyrics unveiled - sing along and have fun!



About us:

Beethoven is the best !

And we are not just saying that because we are big fans of him, we are saying that because we believe that he, and his music, is a " forever culture ".

After the success of the Crazy Giraffes,  E&O Corporation is happy to give you the best of the classics, directly to your computer. As Beethoven fans as yourselves ( if you're not, you will become one soon ), all you need to do is relax and enjoy the best of the bests at his best.

We have chosen Fur Elize, because it's our favorite one. We will be happy to hear any comments from you regarding.

May the beet, hoven for ever :) .

Oh, and if you feel like, you can "Digg" us or "" us - Thanks!

E&O Corporation

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